Research group Chronic Diseases

People are living longer and longer which means that ever more frequently, elderly people are living with multiple chronic conditions. How can carers help ensure that these elderly people can live independently for as long as possible? This is the question that the Chronic Diseases research group aims to answer.

The research work of the Chronic Diseases research group focuses on chronically ill elderly persons who live with multiple chronic conditions (also known as multiple morbidity). The research group focuses mainly on elderly people living at home and elderly people in hospitals. What risks do they run? How can you tell at an early stage that something is not right? What preventive interventions can prevent problems? The research group looks for practical answers to questions of this nature. To this end, the research group is working on five different lines of research:

  1. preventing loss of physical functionality
  2. rehabilitation after a stroke
  3. prevention of complications related to medication
  4. optimizing self-management
  5. professional attitudes/leadership


The research group conducts virtually all its research within a joint research group that brings together HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and Utrecht University (Nursing Science). In addition, the research group works closely with professional practice and education. This is how the research group disseminates its knowledge.