Research Lines

1. IT-driven business innovation

The internet has made entirely new business models possible. Social media, iPad apps and cloud computing are changing the way that business service providers can (and should) do business. This technology means that information is readily available everywhere and so it is no longer the decisive factor. To be distinctive, newer techniques can be applied, such as virtual and augmented reality, and far-reaching ubiquitous computing (whereby a large number of small and large wireless computers support people). The research group aims to support entrepreneurs in their constant search for new ways to innovate their business.

Service Design

One of the ways that we support entrepreneurs is through service design. This means looking from different perspectives (such as strategic management, operations management, processes, product design & engineering, IT and marketing) at the possibilities for offering new services and / or products. Of course, all this is done through a process of co-creation with the entrepreneurs.

2. Business Process Management (BPM)

Organizations will be required to optimize and renew their processes in the future. The business extension service sector in particular is experiencing unacceptably low productivity growth. Productivity is very closely related to process optimization and innovation. This topic is embedded in the Business Process Management research line.

3. Information planning

Many organizations struggle with the use of information systems. Obsolete IT, island automation and new technologies mean that choices in this area are complex. For many organizations, it is also difficult to deploy IT in a way that can easily accommodate restructuring in the areas of business processes and business innovation. This research line provides the research group with tools to do exactly this.
If it is known how the processes will be designed, then the question arises of how (automated or non-automated) information systems can best support these processes in a manner that is future-proof. We can also help you with this question.


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