Research group Process Innovation and Information Systems

Entrepreneurs are realizing that they are operating in a dynamic and rapidly changing environment these days. Technological innovations are being introduced at a rapid pace - cloud computing and iPad apps, for example. This trend is leading to far-reaching digitization and 'substitute' services and products that are replacing traditional services. For many organizations, this means changing the way they relate to competitors very rapidly.

These developments may seem threatening, but in fact they also offer entrepreneurs a great many opportunities for innovation. Business Model Innovation represents the new competitive strategy in this respect. The Process Innovation and Information Systems research group can help businesses with this change.

What does the Process Innovation and Information Systems research group do?

We focus on IT as a driver for innovation when it comes to organizing the business model and the customer processes and internal processes for entrepreneurs. The research group carries out research and provides advice on the connection between:

  • IT-driven business innovation
  • process optimization
  • information planning (IPL)

The relationship between these three areas is essential. Once a business model has been selected, it needs to be translated into the process structure of the business. And those processes, in turn, should be optimally supported by information systems. What is the ideal form of IT support, and how can it be designed in such a way that it is flexible and future-proof?


The research group wants to assist businesses (especially SMEs) in the above areas in the following ways:

  • Business model innovation workshops.
  • Service products for groups of business service providers, such as implementation methods, techniques, software or tools.
  • Research projects in which the professional field, education and the research group all participate.
  • Student entrepreneurs can help by providing internship places and graduation projects.

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