Research Line Cross Channel Strategy

Research Line: Cross-Channel Strategy

The rapid increase and changing role of the internet means that the ‘online’ channel has now become very widely used and the choice of online channels has become very diverse.

This has led to an expansion in consumer choice, a more varied and intensive use of channels, constantly changing channel preferences and more control for consumers over the process of orientation and the purchase of goods and services. Companies are becoming ever more aware of the usefulness and the necessity of a good multi-channel strategy, with the basis being that successful marketing programmes stand or fall on the basis of the right mix of channels and interactivity. One characteristic of this period is that the different channels through which contact with (potential) customers takes place (purchase and use of products and services, communication through advertising or word-of-mouth, and service provision) are much more closely interlinked. While in the past, marketing and communications could be seen as separate disciplines, this is hardly true any more in the light of current developments.

The research in this line is developed in close cooperation with the Faculty of Communication and Journalism through an inter-faculty partnership.


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