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Research line: Business Designing

Business designing is characterized by a multidisciplinary approach, in which a marketing strategy is seen as an integral part of a business strategy. The research that we do has two important principles:

It is customer-driven: the belief that successful marketing activities are rooted in the needs and motivations of the customer as well as in interaction with the customer. In marketing, the focus is increasingly on constructing long-term relationships with customers in which value is created, communicated and delivered. This also means developing a new customer focus that goes beyond the customer orientation that has thus far dominated the practice of marketing. Under a user-driven approach, the basis is no longer the product range, the world of the manufacturer or supplier, but rather the experience of the user.

It is brand-oriented: the notion of the brand these days is as a means of building lasting and meaningful relationships with customers. The economic and social reality of recent years has meant that the brand is changing from a marketing principle to an organizational principle, a concept that guides the business rather than simply an instrument that is used by marketing and communications departments. This means that the brand also provides the opportunity to develop the value proposition as the central element of any business model.


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