Research group Human Experience & Media Design

The research group Human Experience & Media Design (formerly known as Crossmedia Business) deals with issues concerning interactive, data-driven communication and optimisation of user experiences in order to create value. Digitizing with a human scale is the starting point. Research and education activities focus on the ambition to make the digital world more human and the human world more digital skillful.


Research group Human Experience & Media Design works to promote human experiences in daily life by understanding and applying data-driven media technologies. The focus is on a so-called continuous feedback loop in data-driven design (see figure). A user has certain experiences with tools, apps, websites, and other media technologies: user experiences. These experiences may or may not result in interaction. The data resulting from this interaction can be analysed and translated into new guidelines (e.g. organisation guidelines or design guidelines). These are introduced into media technologies with the aim of improving the user experience. This need not be a one-off exercise, but can in fact be carried out and adjusted continuously, hence the loop. Their results provide insights about users, products, services and organizations.


Research group Human Experience & Media Design actively contribute to education. For example, the master Data Driven Design and the popular minors Big Data & Social Media and Mobile Business Design originated from the group. In addition, most researchers structurally teach at courses of the Institute for Communication and the Institute for Media. Within education, they regularly act as a client, so that students make relevant contributions to current research projects. Naturally, theyalso involve graduate students (bachelor and master) from various disciplines in our research projects. In addition, based on knowledge, guest lectures, workshops and inspiration sessions are regularly given at programmes within and outside the HU University of Applied Sciences.

Professional practice

Research group Human Experience & Media Design conduct their research mainly in collaboration with for- and non-profit organizations and creative agencies. Organisations they work with are Youth Health Care, Ucreate and OBI4wan. Creative agencies with which they collaborate include Greenberry, Valtech, Evident and Caliber.

The results of projects are shared as much as possible on relevant platforms for professional practice. A book has been published for marketing and communication professionals, blogs are published (e.g. on Marketingfacts) and presentations are given at events such as Health Tuesday by Ucreate and the Social Today Event by Frankwatching.

Closing event of the project The Network is the Message: INHAKEN OP SOCIAL MEDIA VOOR EFFECTIEVE GEZONDHEIDSCAMPAGNES: HOE DOE JE DAT? from U CREATE on Vimeo.


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