Research Line Entrepreneurship in healthcare

Research Line B: Entrepreneurship in healthcare

Over recent years, the tendency of viewing healthcare through the prism of economics has emerged. Not so long ago, talking about money in healthcare was more or less a taboo. After all, healthcare was about people - it was about patients. This view has changed in recent years as it has become ever more clear that healthcare costs money and that demographic trends mean that the cost of healthcare could very soon become unaffordable. In addition, there is a growing awareness that asking for decent healthcare is not only a question of medicine, but also a questions of economics. ‘Is the Dutch citizen (who always pays premiums and is sometimes also patient) getting value for money?’ And would it not be economically more beneficial to ensure that people do not get ill in the first place rather than treating them after they have become ill? This last question relates to the notion of public health and a great deal can also be said about the economics of good health. This explains the name of this research line: ‘economics, health and healthcare’.
The ‘economics, health and healthcare’ research line focuses on research questions such as: what is the economic impact of the different systems of funding in healthcare? And how can we find out more about the financial and economic aspects of health and healthcare (or support businesspeople to explore this question)? Specifically, research is currently being conducted into the role and contribution of the application of modern management accounting systems in the strategic business operations of healthcare institutions. Also as part of this research line, there is a partnership with the Healthcare and Technology research group of the Faculty of Healthcare in the area of ‘business aspects’ relating to innovations in healthcare for the elderly and the chronically ill.


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