Research group Financial-Economic Advice in Innovation

Implementing major innovations often has a major impact on the running of a business as well as extensive financial and economic implications. Innovation can lead to the redesign of particular business processes, but also to policies changes in order to improve financial performance and the desire to manage financial risks better. Sometimes innovation plans and innovations can lead to the repositioning of an entire company, the outsourcing of various positions or even a takeover or new ownership.

IT-driven innovations in the field of accountancy are resulting in a new role for economic and financial advisors such as accountants, financial controllers and business controllers. The increasing popularity of online accounting is providing transparent, real-time information concerning the financial position of a company. It provides extensive opportunities to reconsider the original role of auditors and accountants - which is to discuss the consequences of financial reporting - and expand this to include financial and economic advice in a broader sense.

The fields of knowledge and professionalism of the research group focuses on two approaches:

  • Supporting innovation processes in a business-economic sense.
  • Developing a stronger advisory role on the basis of more transparent financial information.

In addition, the research group is developing expertise relating to the specific growth issues of businesses, such as in the field of takeovers and business succession. This involves evaluating both organizational and financial aspects. The research group contributes mainly to the activities of existing businesses in the SME sector. We also provide support for start-ups and growing businesses.