Research group Cross-Media Quality Journalism

The members of the Cross-media Quality Journalism research group work on research in the field of cross-media content. What impact is digitization having on journalism? How are free newspapers affecting the traditional media? How can the multimedia and cross-media publication of newspapers be achieved? What are the consequences of the rise of social media on the reporting of disasters? How does the public participate in online media? And what is the relationship between political journalists and political leaders? The research group carries out research into all these questions.


Cross-media content is a broad field that includes many sectors: from journalism, advertising and publishing to internet providers and the creative industry. Quality journalism occupies a special position within this field because of the great social importance of this sector: the provision of reliable information, public communication and the creation of a collective identity; all these issues play an essential role in the functioning of society and democracy. Independence, pluralism, quality, accessibility and social cohesion are all key concepts here.

Teaching and research

Teaching staff are active in the fields of new media and investigative journalism as part of other components. In addition, in September 2011 HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht began an Editorial Media Design Minor, which is dedicated to infographics and data visualizations. This minor has a very close relationship with the ‘Every Picture Tells a Story’ research project. The results of this project will be put to use directly in the minor. Conversely, the minor is also interesting in terms of knowledge dissemination in education for the programmes in Journalism and Communication & Multimedia Design (CMD). Research into these visualizations is very much needed because the demand for infographics is growing rapidly.

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