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This research group carries out applied research into cross-media developments and applications in the Cross-Media Lab. By ‘cross-media’, we mean the use of multiple media channels (TV, internet, mobile, events, print, radio, etc.) in communication. As soon as multiple media are used to convey a message or story, questions arise as to how to ‘orchestrate’ these media: Which medium should be used for which content? How do the various media relate to one another? Where is mutual reinforcement possible? Which characteristics of the various media are being used in relation to the target group? Principally because of the development of the internet and mobile telephony, these questions have become almost unavoidable for today’s (digital) products and services.


The projects of the Cross-Media Lab share a clear vision. This vision involves bringing together research institutions, knowledge institutions and companies or organizations. This collaboration does not take place ‘on paper’, but by physically sitting around the same table together to work on new insights and solutions.
The goal is to generate a concrete impact for an organization, a geographical area or an economic sector. It is important to reflect on this cooperation and search for further improvements to be made in (personal) professional activities and practices. This involves adopting a particular attitude to learning and exploring which acts as a driving force for each participant, from student to professor, from assistant to manager. This is why the research group publicizes itself as a ‘Cross-Media Experience Learning Laboratory’.

Teaching and research

Of course, students play an important role at the university. Within the research group, this role is organized in different ways, but the simplest way is for students to graduate from the Cross-Media Lab. There are graduation themes that correspond to the research agenda of the research group, which means not only that supervision from within the research group is guaranteed but also that the students participate in ongoing discussions and projects. This route has been given a firmer foundation through the Creative Industry specialization. The Cross-Media Lab also contributes to developing the curriculum of various courses, it offers a minor (Mobile Business Design), it acts as a client for a range of project-based education, and, finally, it is also involved in the development of a Master’s programme.


The Cross-Media Lab publishes part of its research in a number of different series. For example, it reports on its applied research and promotes discussion with professionals and other interested parties.
Two volumes of the ‘Cell Cahiers’ series have now been published: De Digitale Kunstkammer. Cultureel Erfgoed & Crossmedia (The Digital Art Room, Cultural Heritage & Crossmedia), and Wijs met Media. De tools zijn er! Waar is de mediawijsheid? (Getting wise with the Media. The tools are there! Where is the media know-how?).
The first part of the series ‘LabRats’ has already been published, entitled ‘From ARG to Widget-TV’, in which six theses are presented. Additionally the Cross-Media Lab organizes LabTalks and LabEncounters. Here knowledge sharing and discussion take place with and between professionals involved with cross-media research in their professional activities or scientific research.
All the activities, findings and blogs of the Cross-Media Lab can also be followed on


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