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Over the past fifty years, software systems have evolved from large all-in-one systems to collections of applications in which data, processes, company rules and user access (interface) are separated. Because of the current trends of globalisation, outsourcing and offshoring, this variety of applications must increasingly communicate with an equally varied collection of applications outside the company boundaries. This makes communication highly complex causing the modification of business processes and IT-systems to become increasingly more difficult. The field of digital architecture seeks a solution to this issue. It is a rapidly expanding field with the purpose to gain insight in and to control this complexity. The means to achieve this is by increasing the predictability, quality and acceptance of the ICT solution for new and existing processes and systems.


The field of the Information Systems Architecture Research Group (ADIS) mainly focuses on software architecture, the adjoining information architecture and their mutual context. Within this field, the research group aims to develop a reference framework at two levels:

  • Generic, from the professional capacity of the architect.
  • Specific, from the professional context of businesses.

The connection between reference framework, models, existing systems and systems to be developed is made by tools. The research group will gather, develop (tool box) and disseminate (knowledge portal) specific knowledge regarding the to be implemented tools. The research group structures this aim around two lines of research:

  • Architectural measures and quality.
  • The tool box for architects and system developers.

By means of this focus a contribution will be made to the improvement, defining and professionalisation of the architecture sector.

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