Research centres

At HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, research activities focus on innovation within professional practice and are very closely intertwined with our work in teaching and education. The acquisition of new knowledge is linked directly to the needs of society and focuses on the development of professional practice. The university’s knowledge centres conduct research in close partnership with the professional field, in the regional, national and international arenas.

A home for research

Professors and knowledge networks join forces at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht’s knowledge centres. These knowledge centres provide a home for research and they represent a distinctive and familiar interface between professional practice and researchers. The knowledge centres carry out research on specific topics, in close consultation with the professional field. Research at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht takes place within four knowledge centres.

As of 1 September 2013, the research group for Methodology of Applied Research has been actively advising all researchers at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, with Daan Andriessen acting as professor. The research group is responsible for helping to optimize research methods for applied research.

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